Okay first of all, the process of starting this blog post code is too confusing for my high brain and I only want to write here when I'm high. Some people would maybe write things out in notepad or something first, but I need the satisfaction of immediately seeing it in a pretty format. I can't stand word processors right now either. I just need things to have less heavy features and pre-formatting.

I'm gonna continue to have this as a "secret" blog that I don't link to on my site, so only neocities people might see it on their feed. This way my irl friends can check out my site without seeing it. I'd prefer to write without worrying about if it makes them like me more or less than before. It's just very vulnerable! As a tween I only had a Xanga for like a day, and then someone from my parents' church asked "ARE YOU OKAY?" and I was super embarrassed!!!!

p.s. i think im gonna do a shrine about the 90s sitcom Dinosaurs.

Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto
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